​Things to Love in Facebook Ads Manager – Part 1

Things to Love in Facebook Ads Manager – Part 1

Facebook Ads Manager is a wonderful thing. There are dozens of options and hundreds of pieces of data available- if you know where to look! Even if you have been working in Ads Manager for a while, there are likely several features you may not be aware of.

Let’s start with the first set of three buttons you need to know about. These are three buttons on the top right of the window header on your ads manager. You have seen these before, but do you know what they are for? These three filters can help keep you organized and knowing how to use them will have you whizzing around in Ads Manager like a pro! 


The search button will allow you to search by name of the campaign, ad set, or ad. This can save a lot of time in searching through ads, especially if you have multiple ads running at the same time. Plan ahead to help keep yourself organized with a naming scheme for your ads. For example, if you a running a promotion for Valentine's day gift cards, name the campaign "Valentine's Gift Card Promo 2017." 


These filters make it possible for you to organize your ads by a variety of options. For example, selecting the "placement > Instagram" option will filter all ads that are being shown on Instagram. As you can see, there are several options available. As a best practice, get in the habit of checking through several of these filters once a quarter to see if you can find any trends or outliers that can help inform future advertisements. 


The third button is a filter by date button. This is great for ads that have been running for a long time. For example, an ad set may say there is a low CPC for the month, but website traffic is down this week. Filtering the last 7 days can show if the cost has gone up and if the click through rate has gone down. This is key to checking the performance of ads that will be running for a long time.

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