3 Quick Tips to Help You Decrease Cost Per Like

Anyone who has started a new Facebook Business Page knows growing a community following can be a challenge and can take a long time. That is, in part, why there are Page Like Ads! A little bit of budget can go a long way, especially when you can consistently decrease cost per like (CPL).


Here are three quick tips for making the most of your Facebook advertising budget by lowering your CPL:


1. The Picture is Important Chose an image to decrease cost per like

The picture is arguably the most important part of the ad, especially when it comes to decreasing cost per like. It is what people will see first, what will attract their attention, and what will immediately give them an idea of what the ad is about.

Test your Page Like Ad with a few different high-quality photos. Start by running 4 photos in an ad set for two days. After the ads have fun for some time, you will be able to optimize the ad by running the best performing photo, which will have the lowest CPL. Pause the other, more expensive ads and check in to ensure the average cost per like decreases. Test new photos every month or so with an ad set refresh keeping them timely and relevant.


2. Your Audience is Important The right audience will decrease cost per like

Know your audience! Depending on your company, you should already have a pretty good idea about which people you are trying to target. There are several tools to help you learn more about your online audience to help you with this. Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, and Facebook Audience Insights are just a few of these powerful tools.

As your ad runs, you can see demographic information and other data about who is responding to which ad when and where. For example, 18 to 30-year-old females will probably respond differently to an image than 50 to 65+ males. Targeting the correct audience is key in to decrease cost per like. Your Page Like ads can be a great indicator of whom your potential audience should be and who is willing to engage and re-engage with your content. 


3. Ad History is Important Check your history to decrease cost per like

What ads have worked in the past? Did a post engagement ad get a hundred page likes? No money is ever wasted in Facebook advertising. With detailed data results, you will learn something from an ad every time. Check past performance of ads each time you create a new ad. Optimize based on best performing photos, copy, and targeting, keeping in mind time of the year.



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