How To: Write a Cover Letter that Rocks

We're hiring!  That makes us really, really excited.  But what excites us less, though, is when I receive a barrage of boring cover letters. If you haven't guessed, we love a smart, spunky cover letter. It makes us excited to open your resume.  Why send a cover letter? 1) You lack experience. Maybe you're a perfect fit for the culture at Matchstick […]

3 Reasons To Stop Hitting Facebook’s ‘Boost Post’ Button

“Your post is performing 85% better than all of the other posts on your page! Boost your post to reach more people.”   Ever seen this overly cheery message from Facebook below a particularly well-performing page post? It sounds like a win-win situation: increase the number of people who see your business with a small amount of money and easy […]

Social Media and the Free Speech Battle

Social media doesn’t care about your first amendment rights.  Or, better yet, they don’t need to care about your first amendment rights. Here’s why: Yes, you can say (almost) anything you want in a public space without fear of our government fining, arresting or otherwise punishing you for what you said. However, if you were to walk into a restaurant, […]

The Best Memes From the Zuck/Facebook/Congress Debacle

In case you've been living under a rock and hadn't noticed, Zuckerberg has been taking some heat lately. He testified in front of Congress this week to answer for Facebook's role in a data breach involving Cambridge Analytica. But the Congressmen and women didn't come to play. They wanted to throw in questions about ad targeting suspicions, conspiracy theories about […]

Facebook (Potentially Unknowingly) Gave Away Your Information: Are We Even Surprised?

Over the last few weeks, Mark Zuckerberg has gotten into hot water by admitting that Facebook allowed Cambridge Analytica to have access to personal data from 50 million Facebook profiles. It was without consent, obviously, and it has been linked to the last presidential election. To put it bluntly, Facebook policy allowed for the collection of information by academic sources. […]

Social Media Throwback

  Social media has grown up a lot in the past 10 years. From Myspace to Instagram and all of the adventures in between, if you were blessed to be a teenager at the beginning of social media, then you’ve known a lot of different ways to connect with friends and build your online persona. We’ve rounded up our favorite […]

How to Win Friends and Use Hashtags Effectively

Hashtags. Formally known as the pound sign to those in the pre-social media era. Ever since their invention, people have been wondering: How many am I supposed to use?   What am I supposed to actually hashtag? That seems funny, should I use that? So I thought I would let you in on my process of finding the best hashtags […]

Instagram Roundup – February 2018

Face it, we're on social media a lot. Like, a lot a lot. It gets more and more difficult to not judge accounts based on their current performance or wondering what their strategies are. But occasionally, we do find ourselves on Instagram accounts just enjoying the content they're posting whether it's funny, relatable, or just full of cute dogs. If […]


  For as long as humans have walked this planet, we've had opinions we've stubbornly tried to bestow on those around us. From how to pronounce the word "gif" to the origins of the universe, there's no shortage of topics on which to spout our viewpoints. With the creation and spread of social media, these hot topics of debate have become […]

Early Social Builders Are Finally Questioning the Effects Of Tech on our Lives

  "It's my opportunity… to correct a wrong."   In an age where we revere any new technology and can’t wait to push past the thresholds we initially had in a long-forgotten life before smartphones, it’s uncommon that we see early social builders questioning the effects of tech. We’re meant to see technology as a good thing, right? (Well, aside from […]

Does that click matter? Here’s how you can tell.

When measuring your ad's success in Ads Manager and Google Analytics, it's easy to see link clicks and immediately assume that your ad is achieving your goal. But is it really? We've put together a list of metrics below that will help you gauge whether that click really matters and how its performance falls into your social marketing strategy.

5 Social Media Marketing Terms You Need To Know

Social Media Marketing can be confusing if you aren't talking about it 24/7, which if you are running your own business chances are social media isn't on your radar 100% of the time. Here are 5 social media marketing terms you should familiarize yourself with, however, in order to establish what your goals are and how you want your social […]

In One Word, How Would You Describe the Future Of Twitter?

It's a question we get asked often. What's the deal with Twitter? Should I be tweeting? How often should I be tweeting? What's a hashtag? (Yes, we still get that one too) It's no secret that social media is constantly evolving. New platforms are appearing seemingly out of thin air. So what do we think of the future of Twitter?  […]

Matchstick Social’s Take On The Announced Changes to Facebook’s News Feed

Mark Zuckerberg is having a crisis of conscience. Or that’s at least what it seems like after the bombshell Facebook dropped late last night. There are major changes coming to Facebook's News Feed that will favor person to person engagements over brands and posts that encourage a “passive experience.” Here’s a quote directly from Zuckerberg’s post last night about what he […]

Is Netflix Big Brother? Idk. Maybe.

In December, Netflix called out 53 people on Twitter for streaming their (adorably unrealistic) holiday movie, A Christmas Prince, for 18 consecutive days. Of course, the tweet was hilarious and timely and a smart marketing tactic to promote the film, but it also made me wonder how much Netflix actually knows about me. Data mining isn’t a secret. To put […]

2018 Social Media Trend Watch

It’s no secret that 2017 brought us many social media gems like the increasing of Twitter characters (yay 280!), Instagram stories, and Salt Bae, but we are excited to talk about what’s coming (and staying) in 2018. It’s important for your business to understand what’s going on in social media even if you aren’t necessarily going to implement every trend […]

Why and How Your Small Business Should Use Social Media

Small business owners have all the time in the world to find new and exciting ways to expand their company, right? If you own a small business, you can understand the heavy sarcasm in that previous sentence. When you’re constantly juggling the many tasks of keeping a local business running, it’s difficult to make time for something like social media […]

Goodbye Hold Music: Social Media is the Future of Customer Service

The days of waiting on the phone seemingly lifetimes while listening to terrible hold music just to speak to a brand’s customer service are coming to an end. And, honestly, we couldn’t be more ready for that. However, customer service is more important than ever, so where are people going when they need to contact companies if not to the […]

Finding Your Target Audience on Social Media Platforms

Finding and engaging with your target audience on different social media platforms can feel sort of like playing Where’s Waldo. Unless you’re keeping up on the latest social media news and trends, it’s possible your brand isn’t utilizing the appropriate platforms to reach your desired audiences. From Facebook to LinkedIn, brands can reach nearly any demographic by understanding correctly utilizing social […]

New Employee Spotlight: Casey Sweeney

  Employee Name: Casey Sweeney   Hometown: Lexington, SC   My favorite social network is: Instagram   What do you like about social marketing? I like how fast it changes. If you’re not paying attention, you can immediately miss something. It keeps me on my toes, and I love that. Social media has connected us all in such a way […]

The Value of the Facebook Like Versus the Share

Not all Facebook engagements are created equal. It’s an easy and common mistake to look at a Facebook post with hundreds of likes and assume you knocked it out of the park with consumer engagement. Don’t get us wrong, those Facebook post likes and reactions are an important part of your brand’s social media content. However, when you really get […]

10 Statistics That Prove Your Brand Needs a Strong Social Presence

This may come as a surprise, but social media is for more than just sharing funny animal videos or arguing about politics with strangers. In fact, social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are crucial to any business that wants to still be relevant in the future. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are 10 recent […]

Marketing to Moms: Matchsticks Top Picks

Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday as you should be fully aware of if you work in marketing, advertising, media, or sales. Good Mother's Day ads are popping up left and right, and some not-so-good ones as well. Here are the best of the Mother's Day ads we have seen so far in our not-so-humble-experienced-opinion.   You're boarding your […]

Tips for Organizing your Life

Warm weather and flowers blooming brings to mind images of opening windows, spending time outside, and the strong urge to clean everything. The spring cleaning of your home is extremely important, but how can you spring clean your life?  We all (hopefully) know how to clean a house by now, so let’s talk about your work/life organization.   Here are […]

3 Questions to Ask Your Social Marketing Agency Today

Do you ever wonder if you hired an effective social marketing agency, or what your social marketing is even accomplishing? Open your email. Put in the subject line: three questions. Now send it to your agency (or potential agencies you're considering hiring).   1. What services are covered in my cost? Don’t skip reviewing your agreement thoroughly (and don’t be […]

Intern Spotlight: Katherine Beck

  Name: Katherine Beck Hometown: Chicago, IL My favorite social network is: Instagram (travel + poetry accounts!)   What do you like about working as a social marketer? The ever-changing outlet for my curiosities. Social marketing lets you walk a few miles in various lifestyles and perspectives every day because it's all about relating to different people.    The question […]

Facebook Consumer Behavior Targeting

If you have not seen behaviors targeting for Facebook advertising yet as a digital marketer, you need to look into it sooner rather than later. Recognizing consumer behavior is key for a successful business. This is not news; people have known this since the beginnings of advertising. Marketing towards people’s behavior is more important than ever in this age of social […]

3 Twitter Strategies for Small-to-Medium Businesses

Twitter seems frivolous to some, and in some markets, it isn't a compelling platform for small-to-medium businesses. But if your business is nationwide, looking to expand in various cities or multi-location, Twitter is an excellent network and outlet for your business to show personality. Here are three Twitter strategies for small-to-medium businesses that can grow your bottom line: 1. CUSTOMER SUPPORT […]

How to Effectively Use Facebook Live for Your Business

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re likely aware of the notion that visual content is king. Long gone are the days when a Tweet or Facebook post could perform well without an image. Now, we’ve arrived in a digital world full of memes, gifs and live videos- basically, social is filled with anything that’s more eye catching than […]

Things to Love in Facebook Ads Manager – Part 3

Things to Love in Facebook Ads Manager – Part 3 Great things come in threes! This is the third set of three buttons available to love in Facebook Ads Manager. If you want to compare the performance of several different ads, these features are fantastic! The best part about being organized with your advertising is all the time you will […]

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