Changes to the ‘Gram

By now you have probably seen the new Instagram logo, and have formulated a strong apathy about it. But those aren't the only Instagram changes coming to a phone near you.


But this is not the only visual change, nor the most important change happening with Instagram. The entire appearance of Instagram is updating to all white backgrounds and light grey bars with new icon styles for notifications. The overall look is simplistic and modern, designed to make the content stand out while keeping the functionality the same as we’ve enjoyed for so long.


But this is only the start of the new Instagram.

Branded Profiles

Now that Instagram advertising is in full swing, branded profiles are being tested and likely to be released within the next few months. Similar to Facebook advertising, Instagram will allow companies to have a branded business profile which includes a call-to-action “contact” button with direct links to email, phone number, or website; company location that connects to a map can also be added; as well as tags for categorization (restaurant, dentist, etc.) creating a more business-like look.


Instagram Analytics


In addition to these new branded profiles, Instagram is also introducing analytics (to which we say “hallelujah!”). This will include information for follower locations, as well as general demographic information, including gender and age range. Similar to Facebook, there will also be information on the active times of followers so that you can post when your content is likely to be seen by the most users.


These changes come on the heels of the update to an Instagram algorithm dictating how content in the feed is displayed. Rather than seeing posts in chronological order, the new algorithm places content in front of the user based on driving engagements seeing quality content from friends and brands.

We may not love the new logo, but we’re big fans of the other changes happening to the ‘gram. What do you think about the new Instagram?

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