Facebook Ads are Not the Enemy

The Internet has changed the world, no question about it and one of the most influential players online is Facebook. Facebook ads have popped up all over your newsfeed in order to reach people online and sell their products.

Facebook ads can be annoying, but only if you want them to be. If you have Ad Blocker Pro XX Plus Plus EXtreme, you are probably thinking. “Well, yeah. I hate ads.” But let me explain a different perspective.


Our everyday lives are different than they used to be. We no longer walk around our neighborhoods, buy groceries from neighborhood shops, and spend time together at local community events on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The way people meet and interact with other people has changed.

We want to buy our food on the way home from work with our grocery lists on our phones in the cheapest, most convenient stores. We want to buy online with one click. We don’t have time for anything else.


There is nothing wrong with that way of thinking but think of the small business that are all around your communities, right next to the mega super-center stores. How can they get your attention? How does a new coffee shop in town let people know they are there? How can a dog shelter let people know about the new products they are making that can make your life easier and raise money for their operation?

Social. Media.

Any good ad is targeted to be relevant to your particular behaviors, your purchases, and your interests, based on your online activity. Yes, these are helpful tools.


For example, if you are searching for Stock photos and haven’t found any you like, here is an ad for another company that may have the stock photos you’re looking for that you may not have found on a Google search. Or you know you need some good summer clothes, but you haven’t had time to go to the store, and can’t find what you like online. Boom. An ad for new fashion clothes for women for summer pops up. Your problems are solved, with little to no effort on your part and without having to change your daily habits.


We live in a consumer economy, which means that businesses and people advertise in order to get your attention. If the ad isn’t relevant, just ignore it and keep enjoying your free content.

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