Tips for Organizing your Life

Warm weather and flowers blooming brings to mind images of opening windows, spending time outside, and the strong urge to clean everything. The spring cleaning of your home is extremely important, but how can you spring clean your life? 

We all (hopefully) know how to clean a house by now, so let’s talk about your work/life organization.  

Here are a few benefits for prioritizing your life:

1.     Getting organized will increase your productivity. Seriously! Once organized, you’ll work more efficiently.

2.     Having more efficient and accomplished days has a lasting impact on your happiness.

3.     Organization can save you time. Instead of rummaging around looking for important things, you'll be better prepared to take on your tasks and have more time for your pet, your yard, your friends, your family and–yes, your work.

Want to hear the best part? You can start at any given moment! Yes, even right this second–well, after you're finished reading this blog, maybe. Make getting your life organized a priority. The sooner you start the sooner you will start seeing benefits. Here are a few easy ways to get started:

Consistency is important to your organization.

Commit to working on being organized every day. You can even recite a little mantra.

Take small steps–as small as you need–to organize one thing at a time.

Start with your email folder, or create a weekly grocery list. Once you have a system in place to organize one task and have made it a habit to consistently organize it, move on to the next.

Identify the tools you have and can use or what you might need.

Set daily goals, plan out your day every morning. Chip away at bigger tasks with small steps every day. Don’t have a weekend to clean your house? Clean an area every night.

Cut yourself some slack, but stick to your organizational processes.

Life happens, but knowing your top priorities for the day can help you stay afloat.

At the end of the day, there are dozens of ways to get your life organized. You need to find something that will work for you and stick to it. Got great ideas? Let us know on our Facebook page!

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