Instagram Roundup – February 2018

Face it, we're on social media a lot. Like, a lot a lot. It gets more and more difficult to not judge accounts based on their current performance or wondering what their strategies are. But occasionally, we do find ourselves on Instagram accounts just enjoying the content they're posting whether it's funny, relatable, or just full of cute dogs. If that's not a testament to content being king, we don't know what is. So here's our favorite accounts we've enjoyed following along with this month.

1. @Teslamotors

 If you're not impressed by Tesla right now, you must not be human. They're doing things no other company has done, and it's changing the world as we know it. Is the technology a little scary? Sure. But is it the coolest? Absolutely.

2. @HGTV

Would we be human if we didn't swoon over remodeled fixer uppers and heavily judging how others go about their house hunting experience? HGTV gives us updates on their shows while also giving us eye-candy that we only wish we could mimic in our own homes without having to hire an interior designer.



3. @TitosVodka

Dogs, vodka, great photography? What's not to love? We love seeing what doog Titos will post next, and we may have secretly posed our own dogs trying to get a mention.


4. @CookieTheNews

Cookie The News gives updates of the world through photos of really* well-designed cookies. Could we make cookies look this good? Probably not. Do we love that we're getting news through delicious looking cookies? Yep. If you've got a sweet tooth, this is definitely an account you don't want to miss out on.



5. @PoorlyDrawnLines

Poorly Drawn Lines feature cute little, if often sort of dark, cartoons that resonate with how we feel on the daily. Cute animals and characters fill these comics that just simply tell it like it is.


6. @Joelixjoelix

Want to experience some real plant envy? Then you have to follow Judith de Graff's personal blog. How she keeps all of her plants alive is beyond me, but we are so glad she does because her Instagram is beautiful. Perfect to follow in the spring and in the winter, she'll have you going to your nearest nursery and buying all the cacti in sight.


7. @doggosdoingthings

Last, but certainly not least, is the beloved Doggos Doing Things. This IG account is perfect for watching doggos get heckin' bamboozled. And watch out, sometimes other creatures make an appearance such as forest prancers, danger noodles, and sharp ocean friends.




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