Intern Spotlight: Katherine Beck


Name: Katherine Beck

Hometown: Chicago, IL

My favorite social network is: Instagram (travel + poetry accounts!)

What do you like about working as a social marketer? The ever-changing outlet for my curiosities. Social marketing lets you walk a few miles in various lifestyles and perspectives every day because it's all about relating to different people. 

The question I get asked most often about my job is: I was just asked if I could make someone Instagram famous… My eye roll was real. Usually, it’s just for personal account help.

My favorite part about working at Matchstick is:  The creative collaboration to get a project started/completed.

My favorite Charleston weekend activity is: Letting the sunset turn happy hour into a long dinner out in Shem Creek.

Favorite movie quote: "Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."- Alice in Wonderland


If I could have any pet in the world, I would have: Brad Pitt. And he gets a collar saying "If lost please return to Katherine Beck."

My work philosophy: I believe two things about working— one is that you love what you do and the other is to work to live instead of live to work. These notions define my work philosophy because I believe that happy and fulfilled people will do twice as much twice as fast and twice as well.

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