Marketing to Moms: Matchsticks Top Picks

Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday as you should be fully aware of if you work in marketing, advertising, media, or sales. Good Mother's Day ads are popping up left and right, and some not-so-good ones as well. Here are the best of the Mother's Day ads we have seen so far in our not-so-humble-experienced-opinion.


You're boarding your plane, you find your window seat, you look up and see a young mother holding her screaming baby. They're in the open seat next to you. FML, am I right? JetBlue's FlyBabies campaign gave us childless folk the reality check that we may have needed. Sure, listening to an unhappy baby is annoying, but the entire traveling experience is way worse for the mother of that miserable baby. Mom's got enough going on and she certainly doesn't need your bad attitude or nasty looks–unless, of course, that will make her baby stop crying. 

The concept of the campaign is that passengers will, in fact, celebrate when a baby cries throughout the flight. The flight attendant shares that every time a baby cried, the passengers will receive 25% of their next JetBlue flight. Crazy, right? The ad goes on with crying babies and clapping passengers. The ad wraps up with a playful yet powerful tagline, reminding all of us that to lighten up a bit: "Next time, smile at a baby, for crying out loud". 

To me, this marketing campaign is powerful, not only for the moms who likely feel as though JetBlue totally gets them but also for those who may have needed a small reminder of how difficult is it to be a mom. – Rachel



Every four years, the Olympics comes around and everyone across the globe stops to watch world-class athletes compete. As much as we all may want to assume these athletes were just born with some extra superhero strength to stroke our own egos, I love that P&G seized the opportunity to recognize the people who got them there. The 2016 Rio Olympics had a handful of young, celeb-status athletes competing; all of whom had a real-life story to share involving the strengths of their mothers. P&G’s “Strong” ad in their ‘Thank You, Mom’ campaign was geniusly executed and is a sneaky tearjerker so consider yourself forewarned! – Bethany




Teleflora taps into the real life of motherhood. As they so truly state, it isn't a sometimes thing and it isn't always hearts and roses. This video show the moments big and small mothers have to be brave for. All stages of motherhood come with their own unique challenges, but what makes moms so awesome is how they keep being Mothers day after day. There are still so many stereotypes around what moms are supposed to be like and what moms are supposed to do. I love how this ad shows these mothers continually being successful and courageous. From celebrating the happy times to being there for the bad times, we all can appreciate #onetoughmother.  – Rianna



Life's bleachable moments from Clorox is my favorite campaign geared towards moms because it perfectly captures those totally interesting parent moments where you don't know whether to be proud or upset. Parental life is full of dichotomies and "bleachable moments" speaks directly to that. Kids are dirty and do really dirty stuff around your home, but thank goodness! You have Clorox that can save you from those pesky germs and be ready for any of life's little mishaps. I also love that they're still innovating fun ways to speak to their consumers even though they have such brand heritage and a huge market share in cleaning. Just goes to show you that resting on your laurels and doing things the way you've always done them isn't going to work in our 21st century, disruptive society. – Amber


Do you have a fav Mother's Day Ad? Tell us about it!

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