New Employee Spotlight: Casey Sweeney


Employee Name: Casey Sweeney


Hometown: Lexington, SC


My favorite social network is: Instagram


What do you like about social marketing? I like how fast it changes. If you’re not paying attention, you can immediately miss something. It keeps me on my toes, and I love that. Social media has connected us all in such a way that was unfathomable not too long ago. Using it as a tool for marketing is just encapsulating everything we know about the world now thanks to the wealth of information being literally at our fingertips. We’re pioneering this entire idea of how businesses can really use social, and that’s really really really amazing.


My favorite part about working at Matchstick is: The sweet music jams. No, just kidding. I like how collaborative it is. Everyone is creative and so willing to jump in and contribute ideas. It’s a good team to have your back, especially when you’re stuck on something. And I like that questions are encouraged because I feel like I always have a ton of them.


My favorite Charleston weekend activity is: Honestly probably shopping. I love going to pop-up markets, and I rarely miss Second Sunday on King. I also love going to local breweries. Frothy Beard is my place.


Favorite movie quote: “Hold onto your butts.” – Jurassic Park, just because it’s hilarious no matter what context you use it in. And it’s the only movie quote that I know off the top of my head besides, “What do you want?!” from the Notebook. I’m not really into movies, obviously.


If I could have any pet in the world, I would have: Honestly, my dog, Professor Noodles, is my spirit animal. We’re literally the same. Seriously, we even do the same stretch routine every morning. It’s kind of weird. But if I couldn’t have him or a dog like him, I’d pick a penguin.


My work philosophy: I firmly believe that everything can be better and more efficient than it already is. I’m rarely comfortable with how things are, and I always try to push myself to be better and work smarter. I would be the worst employee at a job I didn’t care about or find mentally stimulating. I like to be busy all the time, and I love to try new things to see if there are better results. Bonus points if I can be funny or sarcastic while doing that.


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