In One Word, How Would You Describe the Future Of Twitter?

It's a question we get asked often. What's the deal with Twitter? Should I be tweeting? How often should I be tweeting? What's a hashtag? (Yes, we still get that one too) It's no secret that social media is constantly evolving. New platforms are appearing seemingly out of thin air. So what do we think of the future of Twitter? 

Rachel Davis
Word: Acquisition

"Will Twitter finally get acquired in 2018? I certainly think so. While it's no longer a heavy hitter, the social platform is still averaging 330 million monthly active users. Surprisingly, Twitter is forecasting to have a good financial year and at a cheap cost, it's almost too affordable to be ignored." 

Nicole Schuessler
Account Analyst
Word: Public Relations

"(First off, yes I know that's two words)

Twitter's future for news and marketing may not be bright, but the platform is still uniquely suited PR management. From large airlines to political leaders, Twitter is still essential in shaping public opinions and will continue to be the go-to source for fast customer/business communication."

Amber Ludeman
Word: #DirtNap

I think Twitter is basically dead and the only thing keeping it alive is our own "very stable genius," President Trump. It's great if you already have a loyal following (ahem, celebrities) but for regular people or brands just getting started, it doesn't offer much engagement or awareness opportunities beyond real-time events or trade shows. The attention is elsewhere and without attention, platforms die.

Casey Sweeney
Content Strategist
Word: Lackluster

It's a unique time where even the President talking about nuclear war has become sort of boring. We've come to expect funny tweets from celebs (looking at you, Chrissy Teigen), but honestly I feel like that has even become so expected that it's boring. Other platforms have plenty of room to grow (IG stories, Facebook live), but Twitter seems stagnant and underwhelming. I think it's a lot of noise, and I personally wouldn't want my brand to be a part of that when it can be much more engaging in other places like Instagram and Facebook. 

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