Reactions We Get When We Say We Work In Social Media Marketing

Whether confused or excited, everyone wants to know what the working in Social Media is really like. And, we get our fair share of questions about our jobs. Here are our FAQ:



“Um, what?”

That initial, “Oh, cool” response, is often followed by a long pause and a, “So what does that even mean?” Hey, we totally get it. Social media marketing is certainly not your typical job, even if nearly everyone experiences it every day. Not so long ago, social media wasn’t even a thing, and now it is one of the top performing and most cost effective forms of advertising. Keeping up with the latest trends, tools and algorithms is no small task. That’s why companies can always benefit from working with a dedicated team of social experts who can keep up with the ever-changing industry. 



“You get paid to go on Instagram?!”

If we had a dollar for every time someone assumed working in social media marketing meant we spend all day scrolling through Facebook and Instagram on our phones, then we probably wouldn’t need to have a job at all. Sure, there are certainly some pretty awesome perks about working in our industry. We get to work with clients from all different sectors, partner with the coolest new influencers, and yes we spend a whole lot of time on Instagram and Facebook. However, it actually takes a lot more than meets the eye. Every action we take on social media for our clients is calculated to help them reach their goals. We carefully research and analyze every piece of content we write and post so that we can optimize results for our clients. You’d be surprised by how much time we spend crunching numbers in Excel instead of on Instagram!



“Can you make me insta famous?!”

Nowadays, everyone and their mom (or dad in this case) think that it’s easy to become an influencer. But, surprise, surprise, it isn’t that simple. The process of becoming an influencer takes a lot of time, dedication, awkwardness, TMI, money and, often, luck. Sure, we can give you plenty of tips on how your posts could best reach new people and what aesthetic does the best on Instagram. However, most of our work with influencers focuses on helping our clients find the best influencer accounts that fit their brand.



"What a dream job!"

To us, it is our dream job! Our feet hit the ground every morning knowing we are in a field we love. We still feel giddy getting to work with amazing brands and influencers, but just like any other job – it is a job. Social platforms don’t just stop right at 5pm, which means neither do our work days. And let’s not forget those ever changing algorithms. Some days it feels like the moment we figure it out, everything changes again! But hey, that’s why we love it. There is always something new to try out, and we are always eager to learn.



"How in the world did you get into that?!"

Fair question! I mean, it’s not like any of us majored in social media. We all have wildly different backgrounds, and honestly, that’s one of the coolest parts of this industry! On our team alone, we have coworkers from all different sectors – PR, journalism, writing, project management, and photography –  just to name a few! Our common thread is our ability to work both creatively as well as strategically. Not only do we want beautiful and eye-catching content, but we also want content that converts into reaching goals for our clients. And, at the end of the day, client goals are really what it’s all about!




So, let’s recap. 

From confusion to awe, we get a lot of different responses to what we do. Everytime we are asked about our jobs, we get the chance to learn other perspectives. Because, let’s be real, social media is a part of most of our lives and all of us have something to add to the conversation.

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