Setting Goals You Will Actually Stick To

As the new year starts, many people are creating goals to make 2017 the best year yet! However, according to a recent article by Fast Company, only 8% of people follow through with their New Year’s Resolutions. For both the new year, and any time, here are some tips to help you set goals you will actually stick to:

Write the Goal Down Every Day

You have likely seen an Instagram graphic about this, but writing a goal down greatly increases the chances you will successfully accomplish it. Writing down your goals, and making them public will hold you accountable, keep you focused, and overall give you a better chance at being successful in accomplishing your goal. Not in the mood to publish your business to the world? Simply write down the goal where you’ll be able to see it every day. Bonus points for writing down smaller benchmarks to reach and crossing them off once they’re completed.

Start with Small Goals

Start very small, even as small as micro-goals. Have you been one of those people who plans to go from no exercise to hitting the gym 5 times a week and lose all that weight by the next holiday? These goals can be intimidating and are difficult to work toward. Start with a small goal to exercise more. For example, walk the dog around the block once a week, or do 5 push-ups a day for 30 days. This seems like a ridiculously easy task, right? Once you’ve accomplished that goal, you’ll gain confidence in your ability to follow through and can build upon it.

Be Specific About Your Goals

How you phrase your goal will also help you stick to it. Do you want to read more in 2017? Well, what does that look like for you? How will you know if you have accomplished this goal? Read more of what than when? Setting a more specific goal of reading a new book every month, for example, makes it measurable so you’ll be able to monitor your success.

Find a Goal You Can Add to Your Routine

It is much easier to stick to a goal if it is already part of your routine. Why not read for ten minutes every morning while you have your cup of coffee? Or do 10 pushups after you brush your teeth just before bed? Adding these goals will get you into the habit of accomplishing them. If you set that book you have always wanted to read next to your coffee mug, pretty soon when you are drinking coffee you will automatically start reading that book without even thinking about it.

Combine Goals

If you can combine your goals, you will be even more likely to stick to them. It can be hard to make time to go to the gym when you can think of several other things for which you need that time. However, if two of your goals include going to the gym once a week and reading a new book every month, read that book while you are at the gym.

What are some other tips that have helped you successfully stick to your goals? What goals do you have for the new year? Let us know on our Facebook Page or in the comments below! 

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