The Value of the Facebook Like Versus the Share

Not all Facebook engagements are created equal. It’s an easy and common mistake to look at a Facebook post with hundreds of likes and assume you knocked it out of the park with consumer engagement. Don’t get us wrong, those Facebook post likes and reactions are an important part of your brand’s social media content. However, when you really get down to it, one post share holds more value than one post like (maybe even two or three likes). Here’s why:

Shares are the social media version of word-of-mouth marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is an invaluable tool across all advertising platforms. Consumers are often skeptical of the advertisements they’re constantly bombarded with and train their brains to ignore them. However, when a consumer hears about your brand from a friend through word-of-mouth, they’re 90% more likely to trust and buy from you. A Facebook post share is the social media equivalent of this word-of-mouth marketing. When a consumer sees your brand’s post and shares it, his or her friends view the post not as an advertisement, but instead as honest, relatable content.

Shares expand your potential reach by connecting you to the consumer’s followers and friends

This is perhaps the most obvious benefit of the share over the like when it comes to Facebook content. When a consumer shares your brand’s Facebook post, that post will then be seen by an entirely new audience of that consumer’s friends and followers that you would not have been otherwise reached. Even with paid and organic posts, your brand’s content won’t be seen by every potential consumer on Facebook. However, one share can boost your post’s reach exponentially and bring new people to your brand’s Facebook page. This share not only gets your content in front of different people, it also provides insights on new target audiences you may be overlooking.

Shares reflect a stronger relationship between your brand and the consumer

It’s important for brands to remember that consumers are always conscious of what their peers think of them, especially on social media. It’s less of a perceived risk for an individual to like a post on Facebook because his or her friends won’t see that interaction. However, a share is, by definition, meant to be seen by the consumer’s friends and followers. A share is the consumer’s way of saying they want their peers to know they connect with your brand. Therefore, post shares can accurately be perceived as a stronger endorsement of your brand and its content than post likes.

Shares increase your brand’s perceived authenticity

A major concern for brands is the perceived lack of authenticity in advertisements. Consumers often feel that the sole purpose behind a brand’s Facebook content is to get a sale instead of connecting with their audience. When someone shares your brand’s post, the consumer removes the tinted glasses they use to look at advertisements and view the content in a more genuine, authentic way. In the mind of the consumer, a friend shares content because, as Rakuten Marketing explains, “they identify with the content, it provides value to them, and it reaches them in an authentic and transparent way.” Shared content reflects that your brand understands and values what their audience cares about.

Now that you know the value of the Facebook share over a like, the next step is learning to create content your audience wants to share. If your brand struggles with engaging consumers on social media, we can help. Connect with us, and we’ll work with your brand to bring your social media advertising to the next level.

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