Things to Love in Facebook Ads Manager – Part 3

Things to Love in Facebook Ads Manager – Part 3

Great things come in threes! This is the third set of three buttons available to love in Facebook Ads Manager. If you want to compare the performance of several different ads, these features are fantastic! The best part about being organized with your advertising is all the time you will save that you can now spend on optimizing. 

These three buttons will make you an ad optimization pro:


The performance chart shows results over time. It is a quick visual to see if ad performance is up or down and which days were more successful than others for results and cost. For example, on a page like ad campaign, it is helpful to see which days there were more page likes at a lower cost per like. If January 14th shows the best data, check which ad was running that day, and run it again. 


Demographic data is key to the optimization of audience targeting. This chart shows reach compared to results by age and gender. For example, what is your cost per like for women aged 45-54 compared to men? In the case of this ad set, the data shows women 55+ are more likely to respond.


The third and final button shows performance data based on ad placement. It also shows reach compared to engagement on each ad placement location. Is the Audience Network getting tons of clicks even with a low reach? Optimize that ad to run on the Audience Network. This is a great place to see how Instagram performance compares to Facebook performance for your advertising as well. 

Looking for some help with your social media adverting? You have come to the right place!

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