Things to Love in Facebook Ads Manager – Part 2

Things to Love in Facebook Ads Manager – Part 2

There are so many things to love about ads manager! There are three sets of three buttons (now that's a tongue twister) that we love the most. These small buttons help keep everything organized and helps save time with social advertising! In this part two of a three-part series, we are going over the buttons in the right middle of the screen. Depending on what type of data you want to see, these options will organize your ads for you based on a variety of performance options.

 Here are the three buttons that will connect you with some great data:


Columns have a handful of automatically generated combinations of data that are shown on the main page and at least a hundred customizable options. Performance is a good category to see cost per result, how much the ad is spending, the budget, people reached, and more. Engagement is a good option to see what types of engagements your posts are receiving. Do you have a specific set of results you are interested in tracking? Customize your columns with whichever results you would like to see.


The breakdown button will (you guessed it!) break the results down even further. You can select age and gender to see how the ads are performing by age group and/or gender. There are several other options by demographics, by action, or by time. These options can be really helpful to see what age groups are responding on mobile vs desktop. For example, an ad might have a high cost per result on mobile for an older demographic and a high cost per result on desktop for a younger demographic. With this information, you learn that you need two different ads based on age and placement. 


Export is the third helpful option for these three buttons. It is exactly what it sounds like, a way to export the data. When you have a lot of ads, it is helpful to have all of the data that has just been searched, organized, and filtered in a handy spreadsheet. 

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