Tips for Taking Better Instagram Pictures

You've probably seen those Instagrammers who've achieved Insta fame and wondered how the heck they're getting so much engagement. The secret? It's all about the picture quality. So if you're ready to increase your engagement and take your Instagram feed to the next level, here are some tips for taking better Instagram pictures. 

1. Don't use Instagram to take your pictures.

Seriously, just don't. The app makes everything look funky. Instead, use your phone's camera, which by the way, can we talk about how hella awesome phone cameras are now?

2. Integrate your product more naturally.

If you're using Instagram for your small business, don't just post a picture of your product (#boring). Add some personality to it. Do you sell jewelry? Take a pic of yourself while out wearing a piece from the collection. If the product isn't something you can wear, add a little flair by staging it next to a steaming cup of coffee or a fresh set of flowers. 

3. Don’t use flash.

Using flash just overexposes the one spot the camera is focused on which can create strange lighting or shadows in the picture. Instead, head outdoors or open the shades to produce natural lighting for your shot. If you've got a flash picture from night that has turned out a bit blurry, skip uploading it. People don't want to look at a grainy image and will come to expect this from you.

4. Be aware of your background.

Dirty clothes laying on the floor behind you aren't helping the picture. So throw them in the corner (because let's be real, who has time to actually put them up, right?) and choose your background carefully. Unique tile flooring, beautifully painted walls or gorgeous architectural features can make for some awesome backgrounds. 

5. Don’t over edit.

Editing can really distort your photos. A little brightening of the photo can help, but be very sparse with your edits. After all, you don't want that red Kate Spade bag to end up looking like a weird shade of brown. Also, many Insta-famous bloggers use one signature filter for their pics to give them all a certain, branded look. Consider picking a favorite and sticking with it.

6. Partner with a guest blogger or influencer.

Having a guest blogger of influencer take over your feed for a weekend or even just a day, not only helps you gain engaging followers, but will also give you insight into ways to make your own Instagram pictures better. To partner with a guest blogger, keep an eye out on blogger' feeds that really catch your eye. Then approach them confidently via email with the terms of what you're looking for. You may not be able to partner with someone who has 50,000 followers, but a blogger who is somewhat new to the scene and takes excellent photos can still be beneficial. 

Instagram is all about being yourself and posting pictures that are relevant to you. Hate fashion? Don't make yourself miserable and try to gain engagement by posting pictures of your outfit. The best tip for taking better Instagram pictures is allowing it to reflect your passions.

What are your tips for taking great Instagram photos? Tweet 'em to us @matchstickscl.

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