Tips To Stay Sane On Social Media

We’ve got a love/hate relationship with social media. Don’t get us wrong, social media has so much potential for good. It’s connected people all over the world, raised awareness for hundreds of thousands of causes, and provided an endless source of cute animal videos.

However, for all the good social media brings the world, it is also brought a lot of baggage. From FOMO, jealousy, anxiety, decreased attention span, etc., it’s a wonder we aren’t all abandoning social media platforms en masse to save our sanity. Instead, we go back to it, again and again, seeking validation and purpose from a bunch of strangers on the internet.

So, short of quitting Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter cold turkey, what’s a girl to do? Well, you’re in luck. We’ve put together some of our favorite tips for having a healthy, sane relationship with your social media accounts:

Share with care

Fake news might be an annoying phrase thrown about by modern politicians, but it is also a real problem. It’s all too common for a misleading or straight up inaccurate article, post or video to go viral on social media. However, you can help stop the spread of controversial, divisive or deceitful news by doing a quick fact check yourself before you share with your followers. Even if it isn’t fake news, ask yourself if what you’re about to share edifies your news feed. Make an effort to spread positivity instead.

Be picky

In a world where follower counts is a form of social currency, we often find our feeds littered with posts from people we may never actually be friends with in real life. We get sucked into the drama of others or, on the flip side, their seemingly perfect lives, and let our own happiness take a hit as a result. If you find yourself continuously feeling less – less happy, less calm, less content – after seeing a certain person or accounts posts, unfollow them. It’s really that simple.

Inspire and be inspired

Instead of comparing your life to someone’s perfectly tailored Instagram, think of social media as a tool to inspire new goals and ideas. Follow accounts that make you smile, brighten your day, or get your creative juices flowing. Whether that’s a home organization page, a Twitter account all about rating dogs, or an Instagram account with incredible recipes, fill your feed with healthy, encouraging content.

Be (actually) social

It’s pretty ironic that something called social media can be so isolating. We go out with friends and within five minutes, conversations have come to a halt and almost everyone has their nose buried in their phones. Put. Your. Phone. Down. Work on being present in the moment, having meaningful interactions with those around you, making memories and enjoying your environment. Trust us, Facebook will still be there when you get home later.

How do you maintain a healthy relationship with your social media accounts? Share your tips with us!

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