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Working from home isn’t easy, but with a few tips, you can make it work for you. There are a few things of which to stay aware: accountability, efficiency, and stress. After all, the last thing you want to do is squander away the work day and stress out about to-dos into the evening.


Work From Home Tips–from Someone Who Has Been Doing it for Five Years

Amber Ludeman

Best Practices, Matchstick Team

So you’ve been burned by a self-proclaimed marketing expert… They really seemed to know what they were doing at first, but after endless emails that lead to several headaches and more work than it was worth, they completely missed the mark. The worst part about it is that you still need some sort of social […]


How to Trust a Social Marketer (After You’ve Been Burned)

Rachel Davis

Best Practices, Social Advertising

Ahh, #startuplife. There’s the product development, the team building, the “do we or don’t we” investor conversations, growing pains, scalability issues and God willing, some stock options. But it doesn’t have to all be 5am alarms and 9pm cry sessions. When you have the right partners, the challenges can be fun. OK, I might have […]


Social for Start-Ups: Where Do We Start?

Amber Ludeman

Best Practices

So you’re ready to outsource your social marketing. You’ve got your perfect product, your stellar site, your bold branding, and your team is poised like a panther to attack the market. Great! But how do you tell a great social marketing agency from an only so-so one? Glad you asked! Start by asking these five […]


5 Questions to Ask a Social Marketing Agency–Before You Hire Them

Amber Ludeman

Best Practices, Uncategorized

Social marketing is one part science and one part creativity. It is not, by anyone’s measure, magic. That’s why, in order to have a really amazing social presence, you must first have a solid website. Obviously, the only exception being if you are not looking to generate website traffic (but our follow-up question would then […]


How To Build a Stellar, Actionable Website

Amber Ludeman

Best Practices

Everyone loves the holidays, right? Cooler weather, hot drinks (unless you’re like us and have been drinking chai lattes since June), food that’ll put you into early hibernation, the list goes on. What’s not to love, however? The stress of seeing your family, first of all. But also getting bombarded with holiday-related posts on social […]


Incorporating Holidays in Your Social Feed: The Do’s & Don’ts

Nicole Schuessler

Best Practices, Social Advertising

Social Media can be a wonderful way to enhance your brand and spread awareness, but we often misuse it. Sometimes we post things that we probably shouldn’t – we’ve all been there – but what are the “rules” in terms of what to post professionally? We took a note from Social Media Today’s post on […]


4 Things You Shouldn’t Post On Social Media (and 3 You Should)

Nicole Schuessler

Best Practices

Have you noticed your Instagram posts are no longer getting the engagement they used to in terms of likes, comments, and follows? If so, you’re not alone. Everyone–from small influencers to large businesses–is feeling the effects.  So, how can you conquer the changes presented by the algorithm?  The blatant truth is that the best way […]


How to Build a Killer Instagram Strategy

Rebecca Griffin

Best Practices

Hashtags. Formally known as the pound sign to those in the pre-social media era. Ever since their invention, people have been wondering: How many am I supposed to use?   What am I supposed to actually hashtag? That seems funny, should I use that? So I thought I would let you in on my process […]


How to Win Friends and Use Hashtags Effectively

Amber Ludeman

Best Practices

When measuring your ad's success in Ads Manager and Google Analytics, it's easy to see link clicks and immediately assume that your ad is achieving your goal. But is it really? We've put together a list of metrics below that will help you gauge whether that click really matters and how its performance falls into your […]


Does that click matter? Here’s how you can tell.

Nicole Schuessler

Best Practices

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