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  Employee Name: Rianna Neal Hometown: Superior, Colorado. (Just North of Denver) My favorite social network is: Twitter, it is social yet straight to the point. People have to be concise and choose words carefully. What do you like about working as a social marketer? Working as a social marketer is incredibly interesting every day […]


Employee Spotlight: Rianna Neal

Rachel Davis

Matchstick Team

Employee Name: Skelly Kern Hometown: Chicago, IL My favorite social network is: Pinterest What do you like about working as a social marketer? I love waking up and coming to work knowing that every day will be different than the previous day. Social marketing is the cornerstone of connectivity and communication within the ever-changing and dynamic digital marketing age—I […]


Teammate Spotlight: Skelly Kern

Amber Ludeman

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Employee Name: Steve Fletcher Hometown: Randolph, NJ My favorite social network is: Reddit What do you like about working as a social marketer? Connecting people to brands in a meaningful way. It’s more matchmaker, and less traditional “marketer," and I like the organic reality behind that. Plus, I think it makes for more honest and less “forced” brand advocacy. […]


Teammate Spotlight: Steve Fletcher

Amber Ludeman

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