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If you have not seen behaviors targeting for Facebook advertising yet as a digital marketer, you need to look into it sooner rather than later. Recognizing consumer behavior is key for a successful business. This is not news; people have known this since the beginnings of advertising. Marketing towards people’s behavior is more important than ever […]


Facebook Consumer Behavior Targeting

Amber Ludeman

Best Practices, Social Advertising

Things to Love in Facebook Ads Manager – Part 3 Great things come in threes! This is the third set of three buttons available to love in Facebook Ads Manager. If you want to compare the performance of several different ads, these features are fantastic! The best part about being organized with your advertising is […]


Things to Love in Facebook Ads Manager – Part 3

Amber Ludeman

Social Advertising

Things to Love in Facebook Ads Manager – Part 2 There are so many things to love about ads manager! There are three sets of three buttons (now that's a tongue twister) that we love the most. These small buttons help keep everything organized and helps save time with social advertising! In this part two of a […]


Things to Love in Facebook Ads Manager – Part 2

Amber Ludeman

Social Advertising

Things to Love in Facebook Ads Manager – Part 1 Facebook Ads Manager is a wonderful thing. There are dozens of options and hundreds of pieces of data available- if you know where to look! Even if you have been working in Ads Manager for a while, there are likely several features you may not be […]


​Things to Love in Facebook Ads Manager – Part 1

Amber Ludeman

Social Advertising

If you plan to have any type of successful online marketing, a strong social advertising strategy is key. Here are 9 tips to help you make a successful social advertising strategy: 1. Establish your goals Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, there are several types of ads you can use. Are you trying […]


9 Tips for a Strong Social Advertising Strategy

Amber Ludeman

Social Advertising

The Internet has changed the world, no question about it and one of the most influential players online is Facebook. Facebook ads have popped up all over your newsfeed in order to reach people online and sell their products. Facebook ads can be annoying, but only if you want them to be. If you have Ad […]


Facebook Ads are Not the Enemy

Rachel Davis

Social Advertising

We have all made mistakes in Social Media Advertising. There is no set rulebook for how to use and advertise with social media, just a few guidelines and lots of trial and error. The best guidelines to stick to are what I refer to as the “Goldilocks Rules.” You know what is too little; you […]


Social Advertising Like Goldilocks

Amber Ludeman

Social Advertising

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