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In December, Netflix called out 53 people on Twitter for streaming their (adorably unrealistic) holiday movie, A Christmas Prince, for 18 consecutive days. Of course, the tweet was hilarious and timely and a smart marketing tactic to promote the film, but it also made me wonder how much Netflix actually knows about me. Data mining […]


Is Netflix Big Brother? Idk. Maybe.

Amber Ludeman


It’s no secret that 2017 brought us many social media gems like the increasing of Twitter characters (yay 280!), Instagram stories, and Salt Bae, but we are excited to talk about what’s coming (and staying) in 2018. It’s important for your business to understand what’s going on in social media even if you aren’t necessarily […]


2018 Social Media Trend Watch

Amber Ludeman

Social Media Updates

I think we can all agree that the internet is a pretty hilarious place. It abounds in memes, hilarious cat videos, and top enumerated lists of “Products for People Who Are Completely Obsessed with Pizza.” At some point, you and/or your brand is going to want to join in on the laughs and infuse some […]


The Dos and Don’ts of Humor on Social Media

Amber Ludeman

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