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So, you consider yourself a Reels ~viewing enthusiast~. You know the trends, send the jokes to your friends, but whenever you try to make them yourself, the execution doesn’t quite align with your original vision. We’re here to help! Don’t get discouraged. Being a great viewer of Reels is the most important part because that […]


How to Perfect and Polish Your Instagram Reels Content

Olivia Rice

How to Perfect & Polish Your Instagram Reels Content

Best Practices

It’s no secret that 2017 brought us many social media gems like the increasing of Twitter characters (yay 280!), Instagram stories, and Salt Bae, but we are excited to talk about what’s coming (and staying) in 2018. It’s important for your business to understand what’s going on in social media even if you aren’t necessarily […]


2018 Social Media Trend Watch

Amber Ludeman

Social Media Updates

The days of waiting on the phone seemingly lifetimes while listening to terrible hold music just to speak to a brand’s customer service are coming to an end. And, honestly, we couldn’t be more ready for that. However, customer service is more important than ever, so where are people going when they need to contact […]


Goodbye Hold Music: Social Media is the Future of Customer Service

Nicole Geer

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