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We are THRILLED to announce that Matchstick Social is Charleston’s Best Marketing Company! This is the first time that Best of Charleston has introduced the Marketing/PR category and WE WON! Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us and to our clients who have made the last nine years so fun and rewarding!


Matchstick Social is Best of Charleston 2021

Amber Ludeman


We learned a lot last year. We learned the importance of prioritizing your mental health from an Olympic champion. We [re-]learned what Twitter was during a 7-hour-long Facebook and Instagram blackout. We learned what the hell NFTs are. The list goes on and on, and it didn’t stop when it came to social media. Here […]


5 Marketing Lessons We Learned in 2021

Nicole Geer

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We are humbled to share that Matchstick Social has been recognized among the 10 best Digital Marketing Agencies In Charleston, South Carolina in 2021 by DesignRush Marketplace. DesignRush is a reliable online guide to finding the best professional companies and agencies categorized according to vertical and area of expertise. After evaluating and analyzing Matchstick Social’s performance […]


Matchstick Social Named Top Digital Marketing Companies In Charleston By DesignRush

Rachel Davis

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right questions for social marketing agencies

So you’re ready to outsource your social marketing. You’ve got your perfect product, your stellar site, your bold branding, and your team is poised like a panther to attack the market. Great! But how do you tell a great social marketing agency from an only so-so one? Glad you asked! Start by asking these five […]


5 Questions to Ask a Social Marketing Agency–Before You Hire Them

Amber Ludeman

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We get it, Social Media Marketing can be overwhelming to say the least. Even those of us who live, eat and sleep social media can get bogged down at times. It’s hard to keep up with all the latest and greatest updates in the industry. However, no matter what the changes, social still remains a […]


Social Media Numbers You Need To Know

Nicole Geer


Whether confused or excited, everyone wants to know what the working in Social Media is really like. And, we get our fair share of questions about our jobs. Here are our FAQ:     “Um, what?” That initial, “Oh, cool” response, is often followed by a long pause and a, “So what does that even […]


Reactions We Get When We Say We Work In Social Media Marketing

Nicole Geer


We’ve got a love/hate relationship with social media. Don’t get us wrong, social media has so much potential for good. It’s connected people all over the world, raised awareness for hundreds of thousands of causes, and provided an endless source of cute animal videos. However, for all the good social media brings the world, it […]


Tips To Stay Sane On Social Media

Nicole Geer


Social media doesn’t care about your first amendment rights.  Or, better yet, they don’t need to care about your first amendment rights. Here’s why: Yes, you can say (almost) anything you want in a public space without fear of our government fining, arresting or otherwise punishing you for what you said. However, if you were […]


Social Media and the Free Speech Battle

Nicole Geer


  Social media has grown up a lot in the past 10 years. From Myspace to Instagram and all of the adventures in between, if you were blessed to be a teenager at the beginning of social media, then you’ve known a lot of different ways to connect with friends and build your online persona. […]


Social Media Throwback

Amber Ludeman


Face it, we're on social media a lot. Like, a lot a lot. It gets more and more difficult to not judge accounts based on their current performance or wondering what their strategies are. But occasionally, we do find ourselves on Instagram accounts just enjoying the content they're posting whether it's funny, relatable, or just […]


Instagram Roundup – February 2018

Amber Ludeman


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